Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme Slick - AV57/AV58 Xtreme Rain Racer - 3D Ultra Xtreme - Avon Storm Intermediates

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK , the 3D ULTRA XTREME SLICK and XTREME RAIN RACER tyres are designed specifically for track day enthusiasts and club level competitions, offering enhanced grip and longevity. 

 Significant development work has been carried out at the Cooper Tire Europe Technical Centre in Melksham, UK; the 3D ULTRA XTREME SLICK is a brand new tyre,  while the XTREME RAIN RACER is a proven wet-weather product from Avon Tyres’ racing division.

The 3D Ultra Xtreme has race proven performance on light weight machines on circuit & road race series including the famous Isle Of man TT!

The Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme Slick, Xtreme Rain Racer, 3D Ultra Xtreme & Storm Intermediates are available in a number of sizes & compounds which are listed below,  for more information on availability for this great new range of track motorcycle tyres please use our contact  page,  we can also send your tyres to you via our overnight courier!

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Avon Motorcycle Tyres Are Manufactured In The UK